Union Settlement Association, one of the largest settlement houses in New York, serves more than 10,000 people of all ages each year.

Through innovative programs in education, health, job training, senior services, youth development, childcare, counseling and economic development, we are dedicated to strengthening family life and helping to build the community.

Since 1895, Union Settlement has served the people of East Harlem. We believe the key to our endurance lies in our adaptability. East Harlem has long been a portal community whose population shifts with each new trend in immigration. With each new generation, beginning with the Irish, Eastern European, and Italian populations of a century ago, to the current mix of Hispanics and African Americans, and the latest arrivals from Central and South America, West Africa, the Caribbean and China, Union Settlement transforms itself to meet new demands and has proven a sustained, and sustaining force within the community.
We believe our rich history not only demonstrates our achievements as a vital neighborhood resource but also tells a larger story: that of the boundless courage and resilience of the people of East Harlem.

Opportunity, Community, East Harlem:
A brief video history of Union Settlement Association


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Union Settlement Association | 237 East 104th Street NY, NY 10029-5404 | P (212) 828.6000 | F (212) 828.6022 | www.unionsettlement.org
Union Settlement Association is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.
TTY (800) 662-1220 and Voice (800) 421-1220

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