Early Childhood Education

High quality and individualized learning for young children.

To contain the spread of COVID-19, all Early Childhood Education Centers are closed. However, we are conducting virtual learning classrooms through various social platforms such as, phone, text, apps, and email. Additionally, we are continuing to provide parents with learning activities they can do at home with their children. </font color>



Union Settlement provides high-quality, full-day educational programs to over 800 infants, toddlers and preschoolers, ages eight weeks to five years, making us the seventh largest provider of early childhood education in New York City. Our six early childhood centers support the cognitive, social, creative and physical development. Our Family Child Care Network prepares community members to establish and run their own home-based child care businesses in an educationally stimulating home-based setting. All child care centers and home care providers are licensed by the Department of Health and provide hot, nutritious meals to all participants.

For Enrollment Contact


(917) 660-3174

Early Childhood Centers

Mission and Contact Information

Our mission is to provide children with a well-rounded program that includes all aspects of learning. Children receive individualized instruction that includes cognitive, social, creative and physical development.

We serve nearly 500 children and their families in seven centers. Teachers in our preschool program assist children ages 2 to 5 in a stimulating social and educational environment.

For Early Childhood Education center enrollment, please contact:

Anasa West
Admin Coordinator
(212) 828-6028

For all other inquiries on our Early Childhood programs, please contact:

Delores Mims
Director of Early Childhood Education
(646) 672-2606


Franklin Plaza, 2081 Second Ave (107th St), (212) 828-6029
Delores Mims, Director of Early Childhood Education, dmims@unionsettlement.org

Leggett Memorial, 237 East 104th St, (212) 828-6051
Melinda Barr, Site Director, mbarr@unionsettlement.org

Pequeños Souls, 114-34 East 122nd St, Main Floor, (212) 828-6817
Sheila Daniel, Site Director, sdaniel@unionsettlement.org

Union Carver, 1565 Madison Ave (106th St), (212) 828-6078
Mashairi Motta, Site Director, mmotta@unionsettlement.org

Union Johnson, 1828 Lexington Ave (113th St), (212) 828-6070
Brittney Melvin, Site Director, bmelvin@unionsettlement.org

Union Washington, 1893 Second Ave (97th St), (212) 828-6088
Shadaesha Alexander, Site Director, salexander@unionsettlement.org

Open House/Meet and Greet Events

Parents and their children are welcome to visit the center, meet our teachers and explore the classrooms.

Family Child Care Network

Union Settlement’s Family Child Care Network prepares community members to establish and run their own home-based child care businesses. Our 60 providers care for children ages 8 weeks to 3 years in an educationally stimulating home-based setting.

Noemi Rivera
Family Child Care Network Coordinator
(212) 828-6059